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The use of a math app to practice counting skills through problem solving and clil

Olaechea, Nasly Katherine (2016). The use of a math app to practice counting skills through problem solving and clil. Documento no publicado (Documento de Trabajo). Bogotá, Colombia : Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios .

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According to Baki, (2008), in teaching environments equipped with technology, learning becomes easier, and the learning process quickens; deficiencies are eliminated by means of feedback, individual learning increases, active learning, creativity and equality of opportunity are enabled and consequently students reach the information first hand. This research project was focused on enhancing counting skills through solving math problems by using the communicative approach “CLIL” as vehicle to the design of the tasks which were based on adding up and subtracting in one number within problem solving exercises done on a math (APP) called “Have fun learning” which was designed for children of 1st grade who belong to a bilingual and private school. For this school is quite important that its students get ready for the standardized exams as the Cambridge test starters, in which students are assessed according to the Common European Framework since early stages.

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