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Dynamic geometry and square of the circle in Thomas Hobbes

Flórez-Pabón, Campo Elías (2020). Dynamic geometry and square of the circle in Thomas Hobbes. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1514, pp. 1-7 .

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This paper aims to present the reconstruction of the arguments offered by Thomas Hobbes about the classic problem of the squareness of the circle in the seventeenth century, from the perspective of the work: De Corpore of the same author. Where research is based on the support offered by Dynamic Geometry in the 21st century in the classroom with the use of GeoGebra software. This to be able to address and overcome the problems of the history of mathematical science and philosophy. For this it was chosen, by the methodology of a design of a teaching experiment in the classroom carried out with future teachers of the bachelor's degree in mathematics of 8th semester. Among the most important results is the recognition of renowned philosophers in the development of the history of mathematics. This implied that prospective mathematics teachers had to integrate their mathematical knowledge into the construction of the quadrature of the circle, which at the time was a problem for Hobbes, but with the perspective of modelling mathematical concepts in dynamic geometry, today it is done efficiently.

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