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Lesson study as a basis for mathematical practice at the university level

Flórez-Pabón, Campo Elías; Acevedo-Rincón, Jenny (2020). Lesson study as a basis for mathematical practice at the university level. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1702(012024), pp. 1-7 .

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The aim of this paper is to present the importance of the teaching practice of the future professor of mathematics in a Colombian public university, through the application of the Japanese methodology of lesson study. This methodology is proposed as a set of skills and daily practices that the future professor of physics or mathematics must develop for the preparation of the class as proposed in the paper. Among the main results that the research found is the importance of the practice of lesson study for the teaching of science in general, with emphasis on physics and mathematics, although this methodology can also be applied to the human sciences. On the other hand, the research recognizes that the use of this method should be assumed as part of the process of formation of the student of mathematics, physics or any discipline that requires preparation of the classes for the teaching process. It contributes to the professional profile of the future teacher in terms of quality and professionalism of the teaching work. Thus, it can be concluded that, the teaching of mathematics from this approach is a positive resource in the training of the teacher of mathematics, or any discipline such as physics that wants to implement it, because, it is being reflected in the didactic work that mathematics, or any science wants to exercise in the pedagogical and didactic process of the classroom through the teaching practice and, later on, in the professional work of each probationer.

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