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Professores de matemática portugueses que adotam tecnologias digitais em seus atos curriculares

Dias, Marcelo (2020). Professores de matemática portugueses que adotam tecnologias digitais em seus atos curriculares. Tangram – Revista de Educação Matemática, 3(2), pp. 51-70 .

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The article aims to understand the curriculum acts of two Mathematics teachers of Basic Education in public schools in the District of Lisbon in Portugal, regarding the use of digital technologies based on recent reforms in the country. The case study has a qualitative methodological bias and analyzes of the speeches of these teachers were carried out, which showed the dynamics of digital technologies in the approach of interdisciplinarity, within the scope of the Information Technology discipline, through Curricular Flexibility in mathematical and non-mathematical contexts. It also emerged the dissonance between the teachers' curriculum acts, Mathematical Education and the curricular proposals in force in the country, as well as the need to expand studies and research in the field of Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking, so that may be promoted practices that develop students' autonomy and creative process.

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