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Designing aesthetic experiences for young mathematicians: a model for mathematics education reform

Gadanidis, George; Borba, Marcelo; Hughes, Janette; Lacerda, Hannah Dora (2016). Designing aesthetic experiences for young mathematicians: a model for mathematics education reform. Revista Internacional de Pesquisa em Educação Matemática, 6(2), pp. 225-244 .

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Although reform is typically associated with change on a grand, pervasive scale, our model is much less intrusive pedagogically. We are not seeking a revolution in mathematics education, but a strategic focus on mathematics worthy of attention, worthy of conversation, worthy of children's incredible minds, which thirst for knowledge and for opportunities to explore, question, flex their imagination, discover, discuss and share their learning. We believe that occasional, well-designed aesthetic mathematics experiences "that are immersive, infused with meaning, and felt as coherent and complete" (Parrish, 2009, p.511), and the associated experience of complex, surprising, emotionally engaging, and viscerally pleasing mathematics, can serve as "a process of enculturation" (Brown, Collins and Duguid, 1989, p. 33) with lasting impact on students' (and teachers') dispositions, living fruitfully in future experiences (Dewey, 1938), by raising expectation and anticipation of what mathematics can offer, and what the intellectual, emotional and visceral rewards might be when quenching a thirst for mathematics.

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