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Arithmetic textbooks of the Nª Sª da conceição college, São Leopoldo, from 1885 to 1903

Britto, Silvio; Bayer, Arno (2020). Arithmetic textbooks of the Nª Sª da conceição college, São Leopoldo, from 1885 to 1903. Acta Scientiae. Revista de Ensino de Ciências e Matemática, 22(1), pp. 175-192 .

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The article analyzes the arithmetic textbooks produced by the teachers of Colégio São José, used at Colégio Nª Sª da Conceição, in the city of São Leopoldo, from 1885 to 1903. The textbooks address different themes, starting with basic operations, decimals, fractions, ratios and proportions, rule of three (simple and compound), interest, discount rule, company, mixture and alloy, power, root and geometry. Since the theme is part of the History of Mathematical Education in the Rio Grande do Sul, this qualitative and documentary study is supported by cultural history and historical research to analyze the approached subjects. The target audience was schoolgirls from Colégio São José and in a second moment the schoolboys from Colégio Conceição dos Jesuítas, in their respective courses. The idea defended by the authors consisted of something practical and necessary that aimed to facilitate the schoolgirls of the College the knowledge of a science which was not always attractive to them. Therefore, the aim was to teach Arithmetic in a practical and contextualized way from a continuous relationship of guided theory with practical situations. Most of the activities were developed through problem situations, developed orally and in writing, centred on the process of repetition. It was found that the methodology used by the teachers aimed to contribute to arouse in the students the desire to achieve mathematical knowledge and its applicability.

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