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Teacher action, student action and its connections in mathematics classes planned with manipulative materials

Dias, Mariana Passos; Arruda, Sergio de Mello; Passos, Marinez Meneghello (2020). Teacher action, student action and its connections in mathematics classes planned with manipulative materials. Acta Scientiae. Revista de Ensino de Ciências e Matemática, 22(2), pp. 86-104 .

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Background: most of the publications on teacher education are mainly interested in what teachers should or should not do, emphasizing a normative view of teaching. In this paper we try to move away from that view, trying to describe what teachers and students really do in the classroom. Objectives: to characterize the actions of teachers and students, as well as their connections in mathematics classes planned with manipulable materials. Design: direct observation of teaching and student actions during classes. Environment and participants: a teacher and 30 students, from a 6th grade class at a state school in the state of Paraná. Data collection and analysis: data collected through video recordings, audio and field notes and analysed through Content Analysis. Results: fourteen categories were found for teaching action and fourteen categories for student actions. As for the connections between teaching and student actions, the results indicate that they can be simple, multiple and/or random and that they can vary according to the time of the class. Conclusions: (i) although a class is planned by the teacher, its execution is a joint task between him and the students, that is, if the teaching and student actions are not connected, the class itself is not effective; (ii) didactic approaches that provide a greater amount of teaching actions than traditional classes, may allow more active attitudes of students in relation to their learning, a hypothesis to be further investigated.

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