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Criteria that guide the professor's practice to explain mathematics at basic sciences courses in engineering degrees in Peru. A case study

Córdova, Walmer Garcé; Moll, Vicenc Font; Maure, Luisa Mabel Morales (2021). Criteria that guide the professor's practice to explain mathematics at basic sciences courses in engineering degrees in Peru. A case study. Acta Scientiae. Revista de Ensino de Ciências e Matemática, 23(3), pp. 1-33 .

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Background: research on mathematics teaching in basic science classes within Peruvian engineering degrees was required prior to the identification of alternatives to improve the training of future engineers. Objective: to identify the criteria that guide the practice of professors in Peru when explaining mathematics in basic science classes within engineering degrees, with specific reference to derivatives. Design: qualitative case-study research that seeks to understand current mathematics teaching through an analysis of and reflection on the participants’ practices. Setting and participants: professors who give classes within engineering faculties in lima. One of these was selected as a case study. Data collection and analysis: the classes taught by these professors were filmed and the criteria they follow in the design and implementation of their classes were inferred by means of the didactic suitability criteria, which were also used to design a questionnaire to interview the teachers; triangulation was then performed between their words and their actions. Results: this professor was guided by ecological criteria (syllabus and profession) and mediational criteria (time available for classes), although he felt that his practice was based primarily on cognitive criteria (previous knowledge) and ecological criteria (future profession). Conclusion: the criteria that guided his practice help explain why basic science classes within engineering degrees are taught with a lecture-based and procedural approach, and why innovations are not included.

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