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Some examples of the phenomenon of metadidactic slippage in school practice

D'Amore, Bruno; Pinilla, Martha Isabel Fandiño (2021). Some examples of the phenomenon of metadidactic slippage in school practice. Acta Scientiae. Revista de Ensino de Ciências e Matemática, 23(4), pp. 1-15 .

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Background: in didactics of mathematics, the problem of metadidactic slippage (glissement metadidactique) evidenced by guy Brousseau has been shown for decades. But the school didactic practice proposes behavioural models (mathematics teaching-learning) from which it is manifest that the subject is completely unknown. Objectives: this article intends to present and discuss the metadidactic slippage problem and give some negative examples of its influence, in particular, about the naive interpretation of the so-called pólya heuristic regarding problem solving in mathematics. Design: theoretical research in didactics of mathematics. Setting and participants: focuses on the school didactic practice of problem solving in mathematics. Data collection and analysis: negative examples chosen from among those most diffused in the school world are analysed in the light of modern didactics of mathematics to identify metadidactic slippage in them. Results: thanks to the slippage, the student learns a scheme, or an algorithm, not the desired mathematical topic t, which remains a mystery to the student (and sometimes also to the teacher). Conclusions: before trying to “improve” the teaching-learning of mathematics with temporary and drastic measures, it is better, at least, to study it modestly.

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