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On using the ATD: Some clarifications and comments

Chevallard, Yves (2019). On using the ATD: Some clarifications and comments. Educação Matemática Pesquisa, 21(4), pp. 1-17 .

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The main purpose of this opening lecture is to clarify and comment on a number of aspects of the genesis, structure and use of the ATD that I believe deserve clarification. The current weight of common opinion in didactics, in fact, has sometimes led either to the forgetting of certain key elements of the anthropological theory of the didactic, or to a somewhat limited understanding of what it implies. The most visible effect of this phenomenon is the fact that the theoretical and practical use of the theory does not always seem optimal. In the following, I have therefore tried to identify and cope with a selection of these difficulties of reception, that I felt it was possible to address in a meaningful way in the context of this presentation.

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