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Geometry and technical drawing in the secondary school journal: knowledge for teaching (1957 to 1963)

de Oliveira, Maria Cristina Araujo; Pietropaolo, Ruy César (2020). Geometry and technical drawing in the secondary school journal: knowledge for teaching (1957 to 1963). Jornal Internacional de Estudos em Educação Matemática, 13(3), pp. 232-237 .

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This study presents an analysis of articles on Mathematics and Technical Drawing, published in the Brazilian Secondary School Journal, between 1957 and 1963, in order to provide a panorama of theoretical and practical recommendations, emphasized and defended in these papers, regarding to teaching and learning processes of notions, concepts and procedures relative to geometry and especially whether the History of Mathematics was used a tool for teaching and learning Mathematics. This journal has been structured as a teacher training esource, as it has emerged in a context in which the large majority of Brazilian secondary school teachers were self-taught because, in 1957, only 16% of in-service teachers had graduated from Schools of Philosophy. For this analysis, we assume that the pedagogical media, which resulted from editorial strategies aimed at teachers, plays a significant role in the dissemination of ideas and knowledge understood as necessary and fundamental for the teaching practice. In this paper, we identify recommendations on the teaching and learning process for geometry, which are highlighted in the process of teacher professionalization, according to the appropriation perspective (Certeau 1994, Chartier 1991 and Carvalho 2006) of the educational legislation of the 1950s, followed by different authors of the analyzed articles.

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