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Reintroduciendo actividades etnomatemáticas maoríes en el aula: conceptos tradicionales maoríes de orientación espacial

Trinick, Tony; Meaney, Tamsin; Faihall, Uenuku (2015). Reintroduciendo actividades etnomatemáticas maoríes en el aula: conceptos tradicionales maoríes de orientación espacial. Revista Latinoamericana de Etnomatemática: Perspectivas Socioculturales de la Educación Matemática, 8(2), pp. 415-431 .

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Māori mathematical practices were excluded from schooling in Aotearoa/New Zealand for over 150 years as a result of explicit policies precluding the use of the Indigenous language and culture. As a consequence of the range of assimilationist policies, by the 1970s, the Māori language was considered endangered. In response to the perilous state of the language, Māori communities set up their own schools, initially outside of the state system, to support the revitalisation of the language and culture. However, the reintroduction of the cultural knowledge in areas such as mathematics has not matched language revitalisation efforts. Many original ethnomathematical practices are no longer in general use in the Indigenous community and the practices valued by the European majority remain the norm in the state-mandated school curricula. Spatial orientation is an example of the mathematics curricula content that is based on Western mathematical perspectives. To provide a Māori perspective, this paper draws on interviews with elders and historical data to examine Māori spatial orientation terms and the spatial frames of references that they are derived from. Students in a Māori-medium school were tested on their understanding of this traditional knowledge. As a consequence, a series of learning activities based on Māori spatial orientation concepts were developed and trialled. The outcomes of these learning activities showed some increased understandings about Māori spatial orientation concepts.

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