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Teacher interventions to induce students’ awareness in controlling their intuition

Darmawan, Puguh; Purwanto,; Parta, I Nengah; Susiswo, (2021). Teacher interventions to induce students’ awareness in controlling their intuition. Bolema: Boletim de Educação Matemática, 35(70), pp. 745-765 .

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This study aimed to describe teacher interventions in students’ problem-solving. The subjects were three upper- class students at an elementary school in Indonesia who used system 2 when solving problems. This study used a qualitative case study approach. Data were obtained from students’ written answers and audio-visual recordings of teacher interventions to students. The results showed that the subjects needed teacher interventions to induce their awareness when involving system 2. Each subject needed intervention different stages. Subject 1 required intervention stage 3, subject 2 required intervention stage 2, and subject 3 only required intervention at stage 1. From the research results, it was known that the active moment of system 2 in all three subjects was the same, that is after the core problem was known. The core of the problem was ascertained after a doubtful feeling arose on the truth of the resulting answers. This feeling arose because the teacher intervened in the form of questions conducted dialogically.

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