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Possibilities of the Dge use in math class: brazilian and german experiences

Barcelos, Rúbia; Haug, Reinhold (2020). Possibilities of the Dge use in math class: brazilian and german experiences. Revista Sergipana de Matemática e Educação Matemática, 5(1), pp. 1-28 .

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This article presents possibilities of dynamic geometry software (SGD) use in geometry teaching. It starts from a contextualization of the use of DGS in school and the reasons teachers use (or not) this technology in their practice. There is a discussion about the great potential of SGDs, especially the dynamics of dragging. The construction of geometric figures and the exploration of their invariants make it possible to study a range of concepts differently than with static resources such as paper and pencil. Based on the vast body of literature, they are synthesized the three main approaches that enhance the use of software, namely: exploration, proof and visualization. From the (non-comparative) example of two countries, Brazil and Germany, it is possible to note that SGD can be used in different ways, but the goal remains the same: to provide an environment for the student to construct knowledge of the field of geometry. When analyzing the various contexts, it is possibible to note that they complement each other and understand good experiences that can be adapted to the different realities of the classroom beyond these two countries. These types of activities may also be intertwined with practices developed in Brazil, with similar objectives, depending on the type of resource available by teachers and the type of proposal they consider most relevant to the class.

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