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Proeja’s classroom as a space for teacher education

Paiva, Maria Auxiliadora Vilela (2018). Proeja’s classroom as a space for teacher education. Revista Internacional de Pesquisa em Educação Matemática, 8(2), pp. 60-71 .

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We developed this research focusing on the classroom as a space for teacher education, aiming at pointing out which of the teachers’ knowledges are re-signified in a mathematics classroom of Proeja-Ifes-Vitória. We emphasize the importance of a school space of interaction among the people involved, aware that although learning is an individual process, it occurs collectively. We opted for a qualitative research, based on an in-situ observation, with written records and filming that would assure us a greater proximity with the perceptions of the field of subjectivity. As a theoretical framework that discusses teacher education from a critical perspective, we use the works of Charlot, D'Ambrósio and Freire. From the results, we can point out that the openness to the transformation of Eja modality can be the foundation for a new teaching-learning process, since we saw in the classroom an articulation of knowledges, sometimes of the theoretical field and sometimes of lived experience, a clear sign of the perceptions of these teachers' knowledges. Adding that if the same process of educating while teaching follows intentionality, that is, the awareness of the fact, we may consider the exercise of self-education more likely.

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